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Top 5 Templates to Start Your School Year Right

Stefanie Jansen |
August 24, 2023
Min Read

In today's fast-changing education world, the classic appeal of a beautiful campus and strong degree programs faces a strong opponent: technology's digital revolution. To thrive, universities must exceed physical charm and strong academics. 

A recent study by Great State discovered that a whopping 91% of students want their university's online services to match real-life experiences. This is about more than just getting rid of paper; savvy students who grew up with technology demand smooth digital processes, from admissions to appointments. 

However, only 13% of schools fully embrace digital change, and 70% are just beginning the planning stage. Around 80% of higher education institutions rely on Software as a Service (SaaS) for various tasks. Yet, these tools can often complicate workflows rather than simplify them. The solution lies in streamlining these apps into a more straightforward, university-wide workflow automation platform.

So, how can you go beyond that campus life experience and give your digital footprint a facelift? It all comes down to the technology you choose. With the right higher education workflow platform, your college can:

  • Replicate efficiency throughout the institution.
  • Agree on common goals.
  • Make data collection easy.
  • Keep all of the tools in the same tool box.

Formstack is uniquely positioned to help maximize your budget and tech stack and meet the growing need for digitalization in higher education. Here are five Formstack form templates to increase your efficiency and engagement during admissions, enrollment, faculty evaluations, and alumni registration.

Did you know? Over 350 colleges and universities worldwide use Formstack to enhance their higher education procedures.

The Five Templates You Need This School Year

University Enrollment Form

We get it—you have a lot of things to compete with when it comes to catching a student’s attention. They’re looking at other universities, studying for tests, worrying about graduation, and more. Make enrollment hassle-free and surpass your recruitment targets with this user-friendly enrollment form that provides a mobile experience, optimizes submissions, and improves communication and accessibility. 

Then, use Formstack's Conversion Kit tools to optimize your student enrollment form, uncover insights that amplify student reach, and boost submissions. You can also sustain engagement by consistently communicating with prospective students. Route collected data like names, emails, and desired majors to your email marketing platform, integrating new students into your communication network.

Go Bigger: Looking to recruit students? Give our athletic recruitment form a try.
Did you know? Sixty-seven percent of students report completing higher education work through mobile devices. 

Scholarship Application Form

College-ready students are painfully aware of the rising costs of higher education. Don’t let that deter them from coming to your university. Make sure they have access to every scholarship you offer with digital ease. 

Prospective students can fill out applications on their phones and easily attach or upload essays and references. Let each of your departments or extracurriculars brand the form to their program and customize the application with conditional logic to show or hide fields depending on previous answers. 

Do It: Already have digital scholarship applications? Import your existing forms to Formstack with zero hassle. 

School Admission Form

Every school, college, or area of study within your university also requires admission. Streamline the application process by substituting paper forms with customizable Formstack Forms, which include options for file uploads such as essays and sample work. 

Then, automatically route the applications to your admissions team, speeding up the process. From there, Formstack Documents automates the transfer of data into well-designed documents, like acceptance or rejection letters, guaranteeing accuracy and seamless integration across systems.

Try it: Create a branded university application that automates student data collection and represents your campus.

Faculty Evaluation Forms for Students

Faculty evaluations give your students a voice—and give you insight into the classroom. However, traditional paper surveys and forms are cumbersome and inefficient. Skip the Scantron and simplify the process with effortless customized online course and teacher evaluation forms. 

Seamlessly gather students' course feedback in one place, ensure confidentiality, and facilitate communication with professors and administration. Then, share the feedback with your professors in a professional document they can acknowledge with an electronic signature

Get More: Leverage our analytics feature to identify trends, enable faculty development, and enhance instruction.

Alumni Registration Form

Maintaining alumni connections is vital for the success and longevity of your university. Start by ensuring your database is comprehensive and current. Allow alums to quickly and easily submit their information with an online form. Customize form fields to gather specific information, spanning from contact details to career field, and collect signatures and membership fees seamlessly. Then, use the data you collect to send e-newsletters, mail campaigns, and campus event invitations. 

Did you know? Eighty-five percent of alumni professionals don't think their colleges do enough to keep them invested.

Create Lasting Connections with a Flexible Platform

Whether you’re appealing to the high school senior, the current college student, or the alumni looking to stay connected, digital forms and documents are the new standard that modern consumers expect. And it doesn’t need to be cumbersome or costly to do it. Formstack provides an all-in-one workflow automation platform so anyone on your staff can build branded, compliant forms without code. Ready for an education in digital ease? 

Get started building any higher ed form with our pre-built templates or a free 14-day trial today


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Stefanie Jansen |
Stefanie is a marketing writer with specialties in blogging, website writing, and copy editing. She has worked with a number of tech companies and has experience in the areas of email, marketing campaigns, and employee engagement. Connect with Stefanie at word4wordwriting.com.
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